Empowering young soccer players through increased accessibility and awareness of the game. 


Providing access to the sport of soccer for underserved youth



Everyone should be able to take part in the beautiful game. TMOYP provides opportunities to train, watch, and play the game through clinics, camps, scholarships, and tickets.

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Physical activity can be tied to improved performance in school. Soccer can also be a component of curriculum in learning about critical thinking, communication, and cultural understanding. 

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TMOYP strives to increase the awareness of the sport in our community. Whether it be awareness of AFC Ann Arbor and other spectator opportunities, or chances to play the game with one of the many local clubs or programs.

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As we grow as a soccer nation, the more people we have playing the game, the better we all become. By creating avenues for kids to learn the sport with good coaching, the talent base will grow.

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Today’s youth.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

By supporting The Mighty Oak Youth Project, you are providing opportunities for kids to access the sport, opening doors in play, coaching, refereeing, and through community connections. Help us broaden access to the world that soccer can open for our community's youth.


2018 goals

Making an impact.

For 2018, The Mighty Oak Youth Project aims to provide scholarships for at least 10 kids from our under served communities. These scholarships will be offered based on need, identifying candidates during free soccer clinics. 

Your contribution would help area youth access high level soccer by removing the financial barrier to entry.