2018 goals

Provide a minimum of $10,000 in scholarships to those looking for financial support. 


1. Raise Awareness


While AFC Ann Arbor has grown over the last 4 years, there are still many parts of our community that do not know that high level soccer exists in our community. Through access to games, targeted neighborhood clinics, and camp scholarships, The Mighty Oak Youth Project hopes to raise community awareness of the opportunities that exist in our area.

Through our partnerships with our sponsors, TMOYP will offer clinics in neighborhoods to introduce youth in Washtenaw County to their options in the sport. 

Greater soccer awareness in our community creates demand for opportunities to play. If we can continue to increase demand, new options for youth access to the sport will form.

“While we know the pay-for-play model in youth soccer is flawed, we know we can't change it overnight. But we can provide options within the existing model.”

— Jamey Amrine, AFC Ann Arbor founder


2. Raise Funds


The Mighty Oak Youth Project raises funds through corporate sponsor partners, donations from the community, and special events. As a 501(c)(3) organization, donations to TMOYP are fully tax-deductible.


3. Help those in need


With the funds raised, The Mighty Oak Youth Project will provide scholarships, equipment, free clinics and camps, and safe places to play for youth soccer players in need.