equipment distribution

Through partnerships, drives and donations, we will help provide equipment to those in need. 


1. Collection 


Throughout the year, The Mighty Oak Youth Project will set up collection points for used equipment, including shoes, balls, and uniforms to make available for those in need. 

These collection points might be at AFC Ann Arbor games, local business partner locations, clinics and camps, and at dedicated collection events.

Donated equipment should be in good condition, undamaged, and clean. Shoes should include complete laces. Balls should be able to maintain inflation. Uniform components should be free of tears, stains, or other damage. New equipment would of course also be accepted.


2. Distribution  


Collected equipment will be sorted and distributed by TMOYP personnel. We will make sure that donations go to those whom would most benefit in our community.

A set of used uniforms might outfit an up-and-coming youth club in an under served neighborhood. Soccer balls could help a coach run a practice, maximizing players' time on the ball. Soccer shoes will be made available to players who cannot afford new cleats.


3. Opportunity


Access to quality equipment will help players' confidence, performance, and pride. Having the right equipment available removes a barrier to entry to the sport for players and clubs. By removing one of the obstacles of access to soccer, we can get more kids playing, and playing with the right equipment.